Dont put the idol of Ganesha at this place in the house, otherwise you will become pauper

In Sanatan Dharma there is a law to worship Lord Ganesha first. Any worship begins with of Lord Ganesha. It is said that whoever worships Lord Ganesha in reverent worship, all his troubles are overcome. Also, happiness, peace and prosperity come in the house. However, special attention is required at the time of worship of Lord Ganesha. If there is a mistake in their worship, it is inauspicious for the person. Apart from this, special precautions should also be taken while buying and installing the idol of Lord Ganesha. If you do not know, then let us know-

– Put Lord Ganesha’s idol in the house only when you can worship and pray to him daily. If you are not able to do this then do not put the idol in the house

– Make sure that the idol of Lord Ganesha is not more than 18 centimeters high. Religious belief is that an idol of this size should be worshiped at home.

– Do not buy the idol that is Trunk on the right side, because the special rule of worship of this form of Lord Ganesha is loyalty, which is not easy to discharge.

– Whenever put the idol in the house, make sure that they face towards the main gate. Do not forget to put the idol of Lord Ganesha even in the bedroom or living room.

-Some people build houses of worship under the ladder. Do not do this at all nor do you put an idol of Lord Ganesha at this place.

– Place the idol of Lord Lakshmi on the right side of Lord Ganesha. Mother Lakshmi is Adishakti who is the mother of Lord Ganesha. Therefore, do not forget to keep the idol of Goddess Lakshmi to the left of Lord Ganesha.


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